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  • Daniela Raicu

    Daniela Raicu

    You need to be safe. I’ll back for revenge.

  • Giuseppe Giorlando

    Giuseppe Giorlando

    Techie, Explorer, Photographer, Thinker, Mate Drinker and many other things finishing with -er

  • Nita Jain

    Nita Jain

    Aspiring biotech entrepreneur, microbe researcher, minimalist, music addict, trivia buff | Editor of Medical Myths and Models | humanmicrobes.substack.com

  • Sukhroop Singh

    Sukhroop Singh

    Sukhroop Singh is a Youtuber, reader, and avid lover of philosophy and basketball | www. craftofstory.com

  • Ali Kurtulmus

    Ali Kurtulmus

    A realist but also a struggling writer. I’m writing for a better life. MSc in Data Analytics and Management. Store Merchandiser at LC Waikiki.

  • Gregory Russell Benedikt

    Gregory Russell Benedikt

    I am a dreamer, social entrepreneur, writer, life coach, and host of The Dare to Dream Podcast🎙 http://gregoryrussellbenedikt.com/

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